The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 19

A curse did seem to be placed on Temple Bruer, many could only speculate, but in the end, terrible fate awaits anybody who lives in the castle. Whether the curse followed them after they left, one can never say. Sarah, never returned. They said that no one escaps the curse. Sarah, never remarried, a few years later her sister was murdered. Sarah, believed she was damned, and those she loved perished around her. Her curse was sealed when she set foot on Temple Bruer.

Five days later, Aki’s body was found floating on the pond, and as for John Hawthorn, he was never found, and the mystery of the castle continued. Sarah, learned years later that the castle had once more burned down. The gardens became overgrown, and the pond had dried up. There was a peaceful look about the place, but if anyone dared to trespass it would bring a chill to the trespasser.

There was an ominous feeling i the lands of Temple Bruer, a silence that dominated it. No birds chirped or rustled in the trees, no wind would blew, no animal could be seen or heard, no tree would sway, no insect buzzed or crawled, all was still, all was dead silent. Not even the leaves that were trampled by passerby’s never made a sound, as if everything was muted, and nothing could be heard.

Once in a while, Sheriff Crosby would drive the empty lot, and felt a shiver run down his spine. The landscape was beautiful to look at, but there was something quite uncomfortable about it. He didn’t believe in curses. He was not a superstitious man. He believed John Hawthorn was to blame for all the deaths and for the castle burning down. He never saw him again, though a few neighbors said they spotted him a few times here, and there in a distance.

As the years passed, he gave little chase to John Hawthorn, by now he assumed he would be too old to cause any harm.

No, John hawthorn is not a menace anymore, Sheriff Crosby thought to himself as he drove into the empty lot of Temple Bruer where another deputy was waiting for him.

“What do we have?” Sheriff Crosby asked as he stepped out of his car.

“Two missing people,” the deputy said. “Two boys were walking from nearby, they decided to cut a short cut through here. That was the last time anybody saw them.”

“Who saw them here?”

“A neighbor, he was driving by when he saw the boys.”

“How long have they been missing?”

“Five days ago.”



The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 18

Sheriff Crosby drove Sarah back to town. The Inn had been shut down for years as they didn’t have travelers trekking through the town. He had a room in his office he used, and offered it to Sarah, who accepted it. The day had become long and weary, and when night time came Sarah found it hard to sleep, thankfully Sheriff Crosby staid with her as he had to work all night.

“Do you think John Hawthorn killed my husband?” Sarah asked.

“I’m not certain,” Sheriff Crosby said. “We haven’t been able to find him.”

“Did you find his cabin, and the two bodies, didn’t you?”

“We did,” he said solemnly.

“Were those his children?”


“Who is this John Hawthorn?” Sarah asked.

“From what I know,” Sheriff Crosby begin, “he came from the family that have been caretakers of the property… Through the years people, mostly neighbors saw less and less of the family. By the time, Philip took over the estate, John was the last one to continue the work.”

“Haruki, always said he was a bad man,” Sarah stared off onto the floor. “I didn’t know what he meant then…”

“Philip, tried dismissing John from the estate,” Sheriff Crosby said.

“Why didn’t he?”

“I think he was afraid of John,” Sheriff Crosby said. “John, had a bad temper. One night, after a dispute with Philip, John killed one of Philip’s horse’s, a black stallion, I believe. Philip was furious. He came to see me to throw him off the land, but when I did, I couldn’t find John Hawthorn.

“John came from a troubled family. They were always trouble, they kept the grounds neat. They were all alcoholics, all of his family… they all suffered from terrible temper. One neighbor told me he had stopped seeing John’s wife years ago. He assumed she left John who went off the handle by the slightest provocation. Then he stopped seeing both girls… He knew what John was capable of doing after he heard what he did to Philip’s horse.”

“Do you think he also drowned Haruki?”

“We don’t know… we can only speculate.”