Mr. V. Jarsdel

“Athanasia, was barely aware what was happening to her,” Mr. Jarsdel said.

“Does the story ends there?” Stan sounded disappointed. “How can it just end?”

Mr. Jarsdel smiles, “the story doesn’t end there. Athanasia, watched her world change.”

“How is that possible?” Stand was irritated. “How can you possibly know what happened next?”

“Athanasia, was exceptional,” Mr. Jarsdel said. “She awoke in a casual loop, repeating a different life, but it ended always the same, dying a the hands of these killers…”

“Wasn’t she able to keep herself alive?” Stan said. “Couldn’t she prevent her death.”

“Her life was brief and repeatedly cut short,” Mr. Jarsdel said. “She remembered not one life from the other, she was unaware of anything, but her death… The second time she died she was confined in a hospital room with two of the killers…”

Two females nurses glanced down at Athanasia as she awoke from a deep sleep. They were whispering to each other and bared their long, jagged white fangs. Their eyes glowed strangely with dark large pupils encircled in a barely visible yellow/reddish iris. Their eyes resembled an eclipse. These were the killers that had run rampant among the streets of Argos. They were called Wendigos, malevolent beings, craving human flesh and Argos was the perfect place to find plenty of it. They fit in among the population as they resembled that of a human, but there were slight differences that didn’t make them human. Their eyes, their teeth and their long, black finger nails set them apart, by the time the people of Argos too notice it was too late.

They were able to fool the people in Argos, and once they infested themselves in the population the Wendigos had overturn Argos, making it their home. They made it the city of the future. A place where humans were slowly extinguished and Wendigos had taken over.

Athanasia, had once walked the streets of Argos without being afraid. She had a vision of walking up the streets of Argos, surrounded by familiar faces she can’t seem to remember. One of the girls, a brunette turns around smiling and giggling among the other group of girls. They seem to say something that she can’t quite make out. They slowly vanish from the streets and their laughs echo in the air, leaving her alone. Athanasia, awakes from that vision, opening her eyes to the two female nurses baring their teeth at her.

“She’s awakening,” the blond nurse says.

Athanasia screams as they attack her with their claw and teeth. She feels her flesh being ripped apart as they suck on her blood and eat her flesh. She dies again.

Mr. V. Jarsdel

Mr. Jarsdel started as far back as his memory went. In a place long before Charlestown, somewhere further away, more ancient, more mysterious in a modern city whose name has disappeared from maps, and even from memories of people whose generation have lived in those lands for centuries. The city became mythological, a story to scare young children, and an allegory where it represents the superiority of a state and how one can conquer another. Form there, Mr. Jarsdel didn’t begin from the beginning, instead he started from a rather different perspective, not of his memories, but of a woman he called Athanasia.

“Why her?” Stan was curious.

“It’s how I like to start this story,” Mr.Jarsdel smiled.

“Who was Athanasia?” Stan asked.

“She was one of the many people that lived in this city called Argos,” Mr.Jarsdel said. “She lived there with her husband and her sister in the only home she had ever known.”

“Is that the name of the city Argos?” Stan interrupted.

“It’s translation is of an old tongue no longer spoken,” Mr. Jarsdel said, “it is close to the real name of this defunct city. Can I proceed?”

“Yes, of course,” Stan looked ashamed.

This city was like any other city, it was considered modern and celebrated for its advancements in science and arts. It was as crowded as any other city, and as prosperity attracted many outsiders to its borders it also brought to it corruption. It was said, many strange people came to Argos, even some deemed peccant worst than most criminals that murdered for greed or hunger.

It was believed a butcher was running amok on the streets, devouring helpless souls. At first it was one body, then there were two and more began to surface. Many stories began to disperse. People became afraid and a curfew was set by the city. If someone wandered the streets it was by their own risk. But soon, the killers began to enter peoples homes and no one was safe.

Most people tried to live on as this panic took over the city. Athanasia, was among the innocent that lived in fear of her life and her family. But that all changed one day when the killer knocked on her door one morning. She didn’t expect anybody and had asked her sister if she did, before the sister could reply the door was thrown open. The killer, followed by four others that came rushing in. Athanasia screamed out for her husband and ran to where he was. It was too late for all of them. The killers had taken hold of her husband and her sister. They had captured her too and she watched helplessly as these killer tore apart her husband and sister. Their screams echoed in her ear. She died along with them soon after.