XV – The Doctor

Before long, the stillness of the night had been abruptly ended when the werewolves began to blitzkrieg the house again, this time more violently than the first time. The girl became frightened and covered her mouth to muffle her cries. The brother huddled close to his sister and looked up at the ceiling. Dust fell as footsteps stomped on the boards making them wobble and squeak under their weight. They all kept very quiet. The doctor didn’t even dare to move from the spot he stood. He too looked up at the ceiling. He wondered if they were going to burst in. They didn’t stand a chance against them. The doctor closed his eyes and felt his heart thump harder against his chest. The minutes passed and still no abatement. An hour passed then another.

Their growls were getting louder and louder. They sounded so close as if they stood beside him. The doctor was afraid of opening his eyes. If I must go, I will go, the doctor thought and clenched his fist waiting for the pain of their claws and teeth to tear into his skin. Waiting for the fear to overcome him.

Where are you Archibal? he said to himself. Why have forsaken me? Why do you always abandon me when I need you the most?

“I would never abandon you,” came a voice. “Don’t be afraid. They can sense your fear. Be strong, my boy, be strong.”

Hours passed, the doctor thought he was in a state of calm because he couldn’t hear the werewolves anymore. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the sister and brother staring at him in relief.

“Their gone?” whispered the girl.

The brother quickly stood up and walked over to the window. He couldn’t see them.

“They are not there anymore,” John said.

The doctor had to see for himself and looked out the window. No more red eyes were staring back at him, no more forms sitting in front of the house. They were gone.

“How is it possible?” John wasn’t reassured. “They never leave like this. They usually wait before day break.”

“Maybe something scared them,” the sister whispered.

“It’s not possible,” said John. “They must hiding somewhere.” He grabbed a kerosene lamp and heading downstairs.

“Don’t go outside,” the sister called out after him. “Please, don’t John. It might be a ruse.”

The doctor followed the man downstairs. He didn’t think it was safe to leave the house. John went from one window to another searching for them.




XIV – The Doctor

From out the window, the doctor and John could see the creatures sitting a hundred feet from the house. The doctor could see what they were, but John could barely discern their form to that of a werewolf. The doctor and John stepped away from the window, closing the curtain. These were the exact creatures the doctor had once encountered, though these looked grotesque, not the ones he remembered. Had they altered after so many years? Was it possible they evolved in to grotesque figures? He didn’t have all the answers.

“We’ve learned to live with it,” John spoke in a low voice.

“How?” the doctor found that surprising most people would leave.

“As I said before,” said John. “This is our home.”

“John,” the sister whispered from upstairs. “Are you down there?”

“I’m coming,” John glanced up. “I wouldn’t stay close to the door. They tend to strike when they know you are alone.”

He turned and ascended the stairs.

The doctor didn’t want stay there and followed him.

The sister was sitting on the edge of the bed. She seemed as calm as her brother who sat next to her in a chair. They both looked up at the doctor as he entered.

“Hallo, doctor,” the girl greeted him. “I’m sure after tonight you want to leave next morning.” She seemed upset about it.

“As long as you are feeling better,” the doctor said.

“I’m feeling much better,” she tried to smile. “I don’t know what you did, but it helped me. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” the doctor smiled.

“Not many doctors have had the courage to come here,” she said. “Many have heard of the rumors.”

“I see,” the doctor didn’t need her to explain.

“It’s been years since a doctor has visited us in Dacia,” she seemed to be denoting on something.

The doctor waited for her to continue.

“There are other folks that haven’t seen a doctor in ages,” she elaborated. “Some who are sicker than me.”

“How many more?” the doctor was understanding what she was asking of him.

“Probably all of the families that remain here,” she said. “About fifty of them. We will understand if you don’t want to be delayed here any longer.”

She glances at her brother and takes hold of his hand.

“John, can take you back as soon as the sun rises,” she says.

“I keep my word,” John didn’t look up.

The doctor felt obligated to stay. It was his duty as a doctor to care for the sick. Though, he didn’t want to stay here any longer than he should, but they were pleading with him. His conscious wouldn’t let him abandon them.

“I’ll see them as soon as I can,” the doctor finally said.