The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

“The Phantom,” she sat up in fright. “It found a way to get stronger. He tried to kill me. It chased me around the labyrinth making it impossible for me to get back to my body. Archibal came, but then everything went horribly wrong. There was a struggle. Archibal gave me the chance to escape. I got back to my body and I returned for Archibal, but the phantom had overtaken him. I don’t know how it knew, but it knew. When I tried to help Archibal, something went wrong and I entrapped him in another zone and the phantom almost engulfed me. I made it out there before it could.”

“Cadi, what did it know?”

“I’m not sure. It was strange. I don’t know how the phantom found us. I couldn’t stop him. I didn’t know how? Archibal’s magic isn’t strong yet. I came here for Odin to help me. I didn’t know where else to go. I might sent Archibal in another zone,” Cadi was distraught, almost in tears.

Walter had felt helpless himself. He was a mere human with very small advantages and no magic powers. It made him feel less than incapable. All he had was a ring that took him places. He sat down beside Cadi. What were they going to do now? Odin’s cave started to feel cold and drafty. It didn’t help that it was dark and quiet. He forgot to bring his coat again. Cadi had on her usual black cloak, but it did little to keep her from feeling chilly. Walter thought of starting a fire in the fireplace, but there was no wood around and the entrance was blocked by a boulder. Much too heavy for Walter to move and Cadi, still weak from her recent escape, might not have the energy to move it.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Cadi said. “Archibal told me to do it, but I wasn’t ready yet. I sent him somewhere where I don’t know if I can bring him back. It all happened so fast. I went to Maaike for help. She left as soon as I told her. I don’t know if she can help. She really is not best for these kind of situations. She means well. It’s her crystal ball I used to call for help. If she can’t help us. I don’t know who. Odin was my last chance. I’ve never encountered something like it. Archibal had been trying to find about the phantom, but in history they don’t exist. At least nothing was written.”

“Where do you think Odin went to?”

“I don’t know. He kept saying it wasn’t safe. The spooks were patrolling outside his door. He must have moved when he got the chance.”

Moved, Walter thought and glanced around the cave. He hadn’t noticed it when he arrived, but now he saw it. The place was vacant. The Alsatian stove was gone, the fireplace was nothing, but a pit of ashes, the rug and all the furniture were gone except for the cot which was only a straw bed covered with an old blanket. Odin was really gone.

The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

It was the third night, Walter heard the sound of an exploding stentorian noise coming from the same place the light came from, in the mountain. It had startled him awake. He wished he could take a closer look, but it wasn’t safe to step out into the night. Odin and Archibal had warned him. After what happened last time, he didn’t want to tempt the phantom. Walter knew he was out there waiting for him, always watching him. He had seen it a few times.

Walter felt a cold shiver run up and down his spine as he thought of the day the phantom could walk into the sunlight. Walter didn’t want to think about it and shook the thought out of his mind. He had other things to worry about. At least for now he was safe. He had Odin and Archibal to protect him. They wouldn’t let anything befall on him. That seem to comfort him. He turned over on his bed and try to let sleep. But, that was not going to ensue anytime soon when the Erudite orb began to glow. Three days ago it had reappeared in his room again. He didn’t know where Erudite orb went or why. It disappeared frequently. For now, it floated in front of the wardrobe.

Walter sat up with heavy eyelids and blinked at the orb. What was it now? He heard a faint sound coming from the orb, like a voice. Walter listened closely, but he couldn’t register the sound. He got out of bed and inched closer to the orb. He saw a face; it was a face he recognized. Walter froze on the spot when he saw it was Cadi. She was crying out.

“Help me,” Cadi cried out. “Help me, please, someone.” She was looking around, aimlessly. “Somebody, help me!” Then, she was gone. Cadi was in trouble. She needed help, Walter had to save her. He tried to quickly think of something. Archibal, he thought, he had to get Archibal. Would he find him back at the manor? Was she still at the maze? Walter changed into his clothes as his thoughts rushed. He grabbed the orb and placed it in his game bag. He might need it for the light. He took his ring from the night stand and transported himself to the manor. Walter appeared in the foyer. Archibal must be home if he is able to enter the manor.

“Archibal!” Walter called out. “Archibal, Cadi is in trouble. She needs help!” But, no sound came. Walter ran into the library, then the parlor, they were empty. He ran up the stairs and mid-way was stopped by Sarah.

“Archibal, is not home,” she looked distressed.

“It’s Cadi,” Walter said. “I saw her in the orb. She was calling for help.”

“This is terrible,” she said. “Archibal went looking for Cadi and he never came back.”

Walter became horrified. “Cadi! What happened to Cadi?”

“She is gone too,” she said. “When she came back from her utenfor, she went looking for him. I don’t know where they are. I tried stopping her. She wouldn’t tell me where she was going.”

Walter thought for a moment. “Do you know which maze they had gone previously to?”

“There are so many of them. I don’t know which one they went to.”

If he didn’t know which maze to go to he couldn’t tell the ring where to take him. There was only one other person that could help him, Odin. He told Sarah he would find them and left for Odin’s home. But, when he got there, the place was dark and empty from any living soul.

“He’s not here,” said a voice. Walter looked around for the voice. Who said that? Did Odin have spirit servants too? Maybe they could tell him where Odin went.

“Where did he go?” Walter called out, but no answer came. “I need to find him. Please, help me!”

He kept looking around. He took out his ring, but before he could think of a place, he heard a voice from the darkest corner of the cave say, “He is not here.” Walter couldn’t see who it was, but the voice sounded familiar. He didn’t have to ask who was there. Cadi came out from the depths of the shadows, struggling to stand up. She was weak and injured. Walter went to her as she slowly fell to the floor and caught her on time. He helped her to the cot. He sat her down.

“Are you all right?” Walter said. “What happened?”

“I came looking for Odin—he wasn’t here,” she gasped. “I don’t know where he is. I don’t know–”

“I heard you in the orb,” Walter said. “Where is Archibal?”

“You could hear me?”


“It worked, like Archibal said.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Archibal, taught me how to communicate through an orb. I was hoping somebody could hear me, but that was hours ago. I’ve been here ever since,” she said. “Archibal came looking for me. I was doing an utenfor when something tried to entrap me. I tried to run away, but it was stronger than me. I tried to get back into my body, but it wouldn’t let me.”

“Who wouldn’t let you?”