The Titanic Disaster Poem

Well could he have known this dreadful night, The sea would be his grave, Though he worked with all his might, For those whom he could save. This man a soldier once has been, Of military art, Proved himself full competent then, To do his noble part.

Major Butt, well known to fame, A lady did entreat, To kindly name him to his friends, Whom she perchance to meet. He forced the men to realize, The weaker they should save; He gave his life with no surprise, To the sea—a watery grave; And with a smile upon his face, He turned to meet his fate, Soon, soon the sea would be his grave, In and ever after date.

And Strauss, who did the children feed, Had mercy on the poor, And all such men the world doth need, To reverence evermore. Oh, may the union of Strauss and wife, Be memorial to all men, Each for the other gave their life, A life we should commend; and may all girls who chance in life, To read this poem thru, Emulate the deed of such a wife, As went down in the blue.

Down, down goes the great Titanic, With faster and faster speed, Until Alas! there comes a burst, She bade farewell indeed, Farewell, farewell to land and seas; farewell to wharves and shores, For I must land beneath the breeze, To reach the land no more, I carry with me more human weight, Than ever recorded before, To leave them on a land sedate, They will land. Oh! land no more.

Only a few you see, May tell the story, Of this great calamity; Husbands, wives, perhaps in glory, View the sad catastrophe. The Caparthia eastern bound, For the Mediterranean sea, Turned to the mighty sound, The wireless C.Q.D.

Quick was the preparation made, To warn the unfortunate few, For the homeless was cold and delayed, Being chilled by the wind as it blew. So to the youth, Through life has started, Be ever thoughtful and true, Stay by the truth, be not departed, Success shall come to you.

Oh, may you shun the Iceberg, By the dreadful work was wrought, and prosper by the lesson, This mighty ship has taught.

J.H. Mc Kenzie 1912

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