The Prophet

Paul Kruger was not the last or the first prophet in South Africa, there was Annie Botha who had a vision about Lord Roberts scorching the land which was implemented in September 1900. The British had set fire to the Boer’s farms and homes during the Anglo Boer War to slow down the rebels as the British called the Afrikaners. The vision haunted her for hours, causing her great unhappiness.

Then there was Johanna Brandt, who was also witness to the second Boer War. Her family’s home was used by the British as their fort, while she and her mother became spies. She loved her nation, her people, and the land she grew up on. She was a brave woman, and among the many that rebuild South Africa after the second Boer War. When the war ended, she was a fervent nationalist that worked hard to free the rebels that were imprisoned.

Though, she loved her people, her steadfast love for God was even greater. Years after the war ended, the day after her mother passed away she had an unpleasant vision that she wrote about in a book, “The Millennium,” published in 1918.

“Because it was revealed to me when my mother passed away, that the book which I was instructed to write, would be translated in every language under the sun, and would reach every corner of the globe…”

In it she writes about the history of Christianity and Jesus Christ’s teachings.

“And indeed, the study brings us light, the search brings us hope. There is so much that we fail to grasp in days of sunshine and prosperity, that can only be revealed to us, in its true significance, when our hearts are dismayed by the thunder-bolts of devastation, and our hopes frustrated by the falling stars of violate idealism.”

She also warns of those that mislead us:

“Beware of him! Give him a wide berth—- as wide a berth as you possibly can—- for h will rob you of your purse; he will destroy your reputation, and rob you of the fair name, which was your heritage. If you stand in his way, you are lost, for he employs weapons, which you could never use. The same oil suaveness with which he bolsters up the false reputation for godliness, which is his, will be used unscrupulously in your undoing, if you try to thwart him in his pernicious ways. Under the protecting cloak of religion, “for the love of Christ,” and in the name of the most sacred cause, he will crush you, if you endeavor to stem the tide of evil influence which flows from him. And he will weep and wail and pray beside the grave in which your sullied reputation lies.”

She continues with the seven periods of Christianity, the first being the martyrdom when Jesus was put on the Cross on Golgotha. Jesus taught us how to be a martyr, followed by Stephen who as made so beautiful that when one looked upon him he was that of an angel, but it didn’t stop the evil doers from stoning him to death.

The second period was, the mystical period:

“The conversation of S.t Paul, which on one hand proved of such stupendous importance in the growth and preservation of Christianity, on the other, fanned the spark of persecution into an all-consuming blaze, which raged with inconceivable fury during the next two hundred years.

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