The Prophet

Through out the Afrikaner’s settlement in South Africa, the nation had more than one profit that had the gift to see the future. One of them was, Paul Kruger, a man who had become the President of The South African Republic. He was a God-fearing-man, devoted to his religion, Calvinism. He did everything he could to save his nation, he loved his people, but his religion made him turn away from the visions out of fear. I like to believe that perhaps the torment was too much for him to bear. One day, he went to a mountain range called, Magaliesberg, one of the oldest mountain ranges and there he was alone with God. His conversations with God were always made in private. As most have forgotten, when they pray, enter the closet and when though had shut the door, pray to they Father which is in secret, an they father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Mathew 6:6

Paul didn’t come home right away and a search was made for him. There on that mountain they found him, gasping for life. He never spoke about the incident, but it is known he had asked God to show him the way. It was on that mountain he had asked God to take away the visions, visions of his people the Afrikaners and his nation. God answered his prayer.

There were many events happening during his time, the British wanted to control his nation by pull the rug from under his feet. Then there was the Zulus, a tribe know for their thirst for blood, wanting to claim the nation for themselves, a nation they didn’t build, and kill those they saw as intruders. I believe God gave the Afrikanners that nation as the Zulu people had made nothing of that land but shed blood. The Afrikaners were close to war, a war they didn’t want and were willing to fight. The Boers were not afraid to fight, as they were God-fearing people. They had won the first Boer war, and though their people were short in numbers they had God on their side. So when the second Boer war began, they were all prepared, guided by Paul, who’s fame had increased with other nations not friendly with Britain.

Books written in Britain during the late 1800s and early 1900s describe the intense dislike of the Afrikaners, ignorance led astray by their political leaders. To this day, I am dismayed how people can be mislead, misinformed, instead of asking the Lord to choose what is right. And all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Paul’s life was an unhappy one. When he asked other nations to give support during the second Boer war, only a few Dutch and German men volunteered. Paul was heart broken that the Kaiser of Germany a man he had hope would come to his rescue withdrew his hand. When they lost the second Boer war, Paul was exiled from his beloved nation and traveled around with his family. One of the countries he visited was German, believing he would be received with cheers and applause since the German people rallied for the South African nation. But he did not receive a hero’s welcome, his poor heart was shaken and his hopes of his nation being seen as a free nation dashed from his eyes.

He thought he had done everything that was right, everything God had asked him to do, that his religion had ingrained him to do what is good. He was a devout man, and though, life had been unkind to him, his faith in God was never shaken, only that of man. When he arrived in German the Kaiser had refused to see him, and Paul continued his travels a broken man. He never recovered and died disillusioned.

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