The Prophet

“The only thing I can do is to look and see what is shown to me,” the Profit claimed. He never fully understood his visions, he was often left wondering what they meant. The visions were vague and ambiguous, filled with symbols, like pigs, horses, sheep, goats, oxen and donkeys. They also came in different colors; a red bull represented England; a blue bull represented Germany, and oxen with a stripe on its back represented America. The Afrikaner Boer nation’s was any animal in brown or grey, the object were things the Profit understood. There were other symbols too, such as hooded carts, ox wagons, shovels, sickles, picks and many other farmer’s tools.

His visions never transpired in order, nor did they make head or tail about their meanings, recurring for days or weeks, making no sense of what he saw. At first, the meanings were unclear, but eventually, he began to understand what they meant. He only told his close friends and family about these visions as they only understand him.

His best friend, Mussmann, began spreading the Profits visions only after the Profit had passed away. He was often beaten on the streets by police, incarcerated, persecuted, his life came close to being snuffed by those that wanted him to keep quiet. But he believed it was his duty as a Christian to warn his people.

Mussmann’s uncle was the great man of God, General De La Rey, he like the Profit were farmers. In 1955 he wrote in a letter, “the seer’s daughter wrote down all his visions from 1916 until his death. Things that still have to happen, and are happening now, have all been written down—as well as the biggest event of all. Our free Republic. After her father’s death in 1926 she told me the following: ‘Uncle Mussmann, you must write a book about my father.’ I do not think there is anybody today that knows as much as I do about the visions. But to get to know the Profit we,, you must know all about him and know intimate knowledge of the meaning of everything…”

There were people always trying to stop Mussmann from speaking the truth. General J.C. Smuts sent police to annex all the books that contained the Profit’s visions. Even the Krause Document, was commandeered, as these visions revealed the future of the country and the less than flattering things about Smut. These books when put together came to be as thick as the Bible, and though one believed they were destroyed, Mussmann left behind letters, articles, and numerous conversations about these visions.

Mussmann died in 1973, never giving up that his people might hear him. He didn’t surrendered, he never kept quiet, as a Christian it was his duty to save his people, protect them from what was to come. For, you must warn each other every day, while it is still to-day, so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God.

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