The Prophet

When we are given a gift of foresight, most assume we could use it for personal gain, but in the first Corinthians, Paul explains how those gifts must be used. The Profit, understood that, and out of urgency needed to warn his people about their future. A future that wasn’t bright and as they distanced themselves from God, it wouldn’t get better. Most would say he had a steadfast form of patriotism, but it was love, a love so deep, that most people wouldn’t understand today, to love your own kind, your own race.

I believe that very love gave him the courage to be strong even in the face of evil. That evil came in many forms; turncoats, enemies from other races, melange’s; just as God shinned through other people, evil encroached through the acts of others. The Boers were at the mercy of their enemies, first by Britain, then by world leaders, last by their own political leaders. His people were divided, refusing to obey, expressing objection, showing discontentment, and as it was foretold, the father shall be divided against the son and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter; the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law.

He foresaw rivers drying, blood flowing, wars, unhappiness, and all those unpleasant predicaments that affect us still. The one he saw the most was a twilight descending over his country, but then he sees a miracle, the freedom for the Boers, a Republic of their own will be fulfilled, like the one he foresaw for Northern Ireland and Germany, and then the end of the time of his visions.

He had many visions which lasted all his life. People who have the gift of prophesy, lastes for a short while, and never returning and if they do, very seldom throughout their lives. The Pope, John Paul II, had such a vision that terrified him greatly. He said, “They will invade Europe. Europe will be a cellar; old relics, twilight, cobwebs. Old family souvenirs. You, the Church of the third millennium, must contain the invasion. But not with weapons. Weapons will not be enough, but with your faith, lived with integrity.”

When the Profit was alone and in silence, he carefully awaited, and the visions flooded his mind. It was like a voice that whispered to him, giving him a glance of things to come, but it must pass. Hold still, hold fast the faith, and it will be over in a little bit. Somethings must happen, but we lost our way and there is a plan, and soon it will be revealed to us all.

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