A Letter of Hope

Dear Reader,

A few quiet minutes of resting in, I might say bathing, the mind and soul in that Divine strength will make that strength come to you in waves, or as a quiet flowing river, or even in unconscious ways. Some persons may say this is fanciful; but it is as true as wireless telegraphy or sending photographs by electricity and many other recently discovered forces. Personally, of course, I cannot separate this strength from the thought of God, a Heavenly Father, and of His Son, Jesus Christ, the perfect manifestation of that strength. I found added help by thinking of other exemplifies of great power and by recalling their lives; that is, if I woke early enough. At night at retiring, also, I relaxed the body, and with the thought of that Infinite Power under me fell asleep like a tired child in it’s mother’s arms. I like the revised reading of the verse, “And so He blessed His beloved while they sleep,” or the German, “He giveth His beloved sleeping.” I think if nurses and all others who care for the sick, the blind, and the helpless felt more that they were only transmitters of strength and not creators, they would be able to bear prolonged strains better.

I know for myself that in taking care of my mother for many years, as she grew slowly worse, I could never have endured the strain without this thought.

But to return, once more, to the wireless telegraph as an example of this force. Just as it is necessary with this invention, that this receiver be in tune with the transmitter, so it is with us, our receivers must be in tune with the Infinite and free from the corroding rust of self.

E. Worcester 1908

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