One Day

Marigold’s typical day began without much excitement, but she made it the most exciting day of her life. With a smile on her face and pep about her, she gotten wait to get started. When she opened the doors to her little shop, the magic would began.

I will do my best to rendition how Marigold greeted her clients when they stepped through the doors of Mona’s Boutique.

“Everybody here plays a part in this little kingdom of ours,” Marigold would say. “When you walk through the doors you are immediately attended by one of our lovely sales ladies. They are the godmother’s of this little shop, and they will make you feel enchanted as soon as you step through the doors. They will guide you through and wave their wands. You will go through the changing room and come out feeling wonderful. From there, the dress goes through a process. Where our fairies, the seamstress make the magic happen. They weave and wove a special kind of magic, working tirelessly to making the dress to your heart’s content.

“Then there is our manager who makes sure everybody who works here is happy. Without happy workers there are no happy clients. We also have the gatekeeper to our endless supplies of fabrics, buttons and threads and then there is me who works side by side with everybody… We all have a job here, but this place doesn’t exist without the client. This place was created with the woman in mind. We are all unique and special in our own ways. So we can enchant the opposite sex, and feel as feminine and wonderful as any woman should feel.

“This place is where the beauty begins,” Marigold would take the hand of her patron and lead them through the shop. “Every dress is made for the person in mind. A dress is not just a dress, a dress can make someone look beautiful or imperfect. You can say a dress makes a person, perhaps the person makes the dress, however way you see it. It’s all the same. Our dresses are custom made, every fabric and color is chosen, and then stitched in to the perfect pattern.

“A dress is to be worn with elegance and style. We make the dress sway when you walk, it should move when you move, and fall carefully around us when we sit. It should display our legs, but not too much flesh to keep the allure of our lovely bodies a secret from the opposite sex.

“Let’s take you to a dressing room where we began the magic,” Marigold would lead her patrons’ to a room with a pedestal surrounded by mirrors and a screen. “It all starts with a measuring tape. We measure here, and there. Then you tell us the kind of dress you want us to make. It might be a party dress. Maybe an everyday dress, a night dress, formal, maybe not too formal. Perhaps it’s a summer dress, or a dress for a wedding.

“Sometimes we might already have the dress, and we simply take you to the back where we keep the many beautiful dress we have already handmade. From there, we browse through the rows and rows of dresses from wedding gowns to casual dresses. They are all special dresses but only one will be the right one. After a dress has been selected, we make sure it fits appropriately to your body. We might have to snip here, sow there, but once we have altered it, we slip it over your body, where you will glow with delight. We are here to make you happy., so let’s began.”

Of course, you had to be there to feel the dazzling affect of the charms of your gracious host, and her little shop that bloomed as the years went by. You can say, Marigold prospered and matured through the years. But it doesn’t end there. There was a lot more to Marigold’s story.

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