One Day

Marigold, threw her heart and soul to her business as it flourished day by day. She kept herself busy, smile through out the day, helping assuage her broken heart, but Mona’s presence was everywhere. Her room still smelt like lavender, her clothes like her favorite perfume, her toiletries untouched since she last used them. Marigold was broken hearted. She had followed Mona wherever they went. They were inseparable. Mona had made Marigold promise to never leave her, that they were bonded until death separated one of them.

“We are tied by this troth,” Mona said. “You are mine, and I am yours. You can never leave me. You are forever bounded by this unbreakable oath, that can only be broken by death. You must serve me and be at my beckon call. My constant companion, my forever servant, tied to my side until I release you from your promise.”

“Yes, I promise,” Marigold bowed her head in understanding she was giving her life to Mona. She took this seriously as she deeply admired Mona.

As the days went by, Marigold realized the bond had been broken and she was no longer subjugated under Mona’s presence. The thought slowly crept into her mind, flowing in a feeling of freedom. She felt a renewed sense of happiness, that encased her in endless, bounds of joy.

“I am free,” she said to herself. “I am finally free.”

She moved all of Mona’s belongings in to her room and made Mona’s room her room. She didn’t make many changes to the farmhouse. She kept practically everything the way Mona had it. When the excitement of Marigold’s new found freedom waned, she resumed a life of her own, without the watchful eye’s of Mona.

She her life simple. She rose early in the morning, had a plain breakfast and head to the shop. She would be the first to arrive, followed by Stony who had become the manager of the shop, and Marigold’s right hand assistant. Then the seamstress’s arrived, one by one, all three of them arrived. Then Mrs. Stock, greeted them, she managed the inventory. Finally, the sales girls arrived. A few things were prepared, and when everybody was settled in their position the doors were opened.

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