One Day

Mona fell into a spell, that even Marigold did not know how to break. Mona was in a trance, sometimes she would let Marigold bathe and dress her, other times she struggled against being touched. Mona ate when she was hungry and at times when she became overwhelmed she withdraw inwardly, barely eating. Marigold couldn’t say if Mona recognized her at all.

“Mona, it is me,” Marigold pleaded. “It’s just me.”

But Mona’s eyes would become distant and her face would distort of that who was displeased of seeing their enemy stand before them. Marigold could not break the bond she had for her mother. The woman who had raised her and gave Marigold the love and attention that was never given to her before, had changed. But their bond was strong and Marigold held onto to it, even as the reality of what was happening to Mona was becoming unbearable. It wasn’t until one fateful night, Mona attacked Marigold with a knife. Mona caused a gash across Marigold’s forearm that bleed profusely. Marigold, manage to escape to her bedroom where she called the police.

It was that night, Marigold had Mona taken away, she had no other choice. She also called Dr. Stiltwater, to supervise Mona’s transfer to the mental institute where she was sent. Marigold was unable to watch her mother being taken away and looked away. Mona was quite aware what was happening, unrestrained her thoughts, she let lose words, Marigold had never heard her say. They were heartless words, and they cut deep in to Marigold.

Marigold, didn’t visit Mona right away. She was hoping Mona might come to her senses, that perhaps Mona would realize her situation, and plead Marigold to take her home. But that was further from the truth. When Marigold finally visited her mother, Mona was less inclined to receiving her, and tried to strike her all the time. Mona had to be restrained. Marigold tried a few more times to visit and each time she wasn’t greeted as Marigold had hoped. Eventually, the doctors felt Mona was a high risk to the other patients and was placed on sedatives.

Marigold’s heart broke. That was not Mona and she would never be the same. Mona was lost in world of her own, and she saw Marigold as her enemy. For the next five years, Marigold visited Mona every weekend. Marigold could always find her sitting in front of the garden, admiring the flowers that blossomed. Marigold would sit next to her, take her in hers and sat there without saying a word.

Mona’s beauty never faded even when she turned forty-five, the last year Marigold would see her mother alive. One day, Marigold got a call that she never expected. Mona passed away one April afternoon. Marigold was shell shock, she understood what had happened, but couldn’t wrap the thought around her head. For a few days, as she made the funeral arrangements, she could not quite accept Mona was forever gone from her life. She sent letters to all of Mona’s friends, telling them of the unhappy news.


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