One Day

Mona was becoming difficult by the day. She wanted Marigold to stay with her, help her do this, do that, go get this, go get that. Come here, I want this, I need this, help me, help me, Marigold heard over and over, everyday. Marigold, smiled and did what she was told. She did not mind, it kept her from feeling anything true.

“That woman will wear you ragged,” Mrs. Baker said, as Marigold entered the kitchen with a tray of empty plates.

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Marigold said cheerfully.

“I don’t know how you put up with her,” Mrs. Baker said. “I am only here half a day and she wears me thin. Get this, get that. I even hear her in my sleep. I wake up at night, thinking its real.”

“She’s not that bad,” Marigold smiled.

“I know I should not talk about her that way,” Mrs. Baker said. “I do apologize, you already have too much on your plate.”

“She can be a bit difficult,” Marigold said. “Honestly, she could be worse. She has a good heart. She is just going through some changes, and she doesn’t like changes. She was never good at dealing with difficulties in life.”

“Bless you for caring for that woman,” Mrs. Baker said.

“Once the baby is born she will be back to her old self,” Marigold hope that was true, “you’ll see.”

But, as the arrival of the baby grew closer, Mona become more erratic. She said very little, and rarely left her room or even got out of bed. Marigold turned a blind, unwilling to see that something was not right with Mona. And when the baby was born, Mona withdrew from the world. Between managing the shop, taking care of the baby and overseeing Mona, Marigold didn’t notice Mona’s bizarre behavior.

The baby cried all day and all night, Marigold, would lull the baby no matter how tired she was. She’d wake up in the middle of the night, and cradle the baby boy, which had no name as Mona cared very little. Marigold, would come home and the baby would be crying. She would rush to the baby’s cradle, held him in her arms and spoke to him sweetly. Mona, who stood somewhere between the darkness and light would came forward, unable to accept that the baby needed Marigold’s attention.

“You love him more,” Mona pointed a finger at Marigold. “You don’t care about me. You never cared, all you wanted was that screaming baby. You never loved me!”

“Mona, stop,” Marigold tried to placate her, but Mona became unreasonable, inconsolable, unwilling to accept that a baby needed Marigold more.

Mrs. Baker, began to to urge Marigold not to leave the baby with Mona. Mona was not acting practical, her rationality was being blurred by her moods. Marigold had known about her moods, Mona always had moods that came and went, but they were being unfavorable as of lately. Mona yelled at the baby when it cried, she yelled at Mrs. Baker when she tried to help, sometimes, she yelled at nobody.

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