One Day

One day, five months after they had moved into the farmhouse, Mona and Marigold were celebrating New Year’s eve with friends. It was a big celebration with plenty of food and wine flowing through the room. Mona was playing the piano, Marigold sat next beside her as they sang songs as loud as they could. Marigold was surprised to know Mona played the piano. Mona never hinted that she could until she brought home the piano. Mona loved that piano and Marigold could always find her playing something comforting to suit the mood.

That New Year’s eve, Mona wanted to make more changes to their lives. Marigold could see that glint in her eyes. The glint she always had when some eccentric thought crept in her head. But, Mona wouldn’t tell her.

“Let me enjoy my party,” Mona said to her. “Then maybe I tell you.”

The festivity lasted all night until people slowly started going home two hours before day broke. Mona, retired to her room, before telling Marigold her secret. Marigold had fallen asleep on the sofa and when she woke up she sighed at the mess left from Mona’s big party. She cleaned up here and there, and when the clock on the mantel chimed ten o’clock, she began preparing Mona’s breakfast. Something she did everyday.

She made Mona’s favorite, french toast, chamomile tea, coffee, a bowl of fruit, and some fresh flowers in a vase. She placed it all on a tray and took it upstairs to Mona’s bedroom. She placed the tray on the empty side of Mona’s large bed and threw open the curtains. Mona slowly stirred awake.

“What time is it?” Mona asked as she sat up.

“Late,” Marigold informed her. “Is it too much light, do you want me to close the curtains a bit?”

“No, no, it’s fine,” Mona said. “I should be getting up.”

Marigold placed the tray of food over Mona’s lap.

“What a party,” Mona smiled. “I could have danced and sang all night.”

“You did,” Marigold said.

“I know,” Mona was amused by her happy thoughts. “I would do it again. We should have a party every day.”

“And who would open the shop?” Marigold asked.

“You would,” Mona laughed.

“I figured that much,” Marigold smiled. “What were you going to tell me that you wouldn’t tell me last night?”

“What?” Mona had stuffed her mouth with food. “Must we talk about it now?”

“Then when does, your highness, wish to speak?” Marigold asked.

“Do you have to be that way?” Mona didn’t stop eating. “If you loved me you wouldn’t rush me?”

“I’m sorry,” Marigold was tolerant. “When you are ready I’ll be downstairs, cleaning up your mess.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Mona waved her fork at Marigold. “You must be patient. Anyway, wait till I finish breakfast before you go.”

Marigold, softly sighed and sat on the chaise next to the bed, and waited for Mona to finish her breakfast.

“Okay, I’m good,” Mona pushed the tray aside, and hopped out of bed. Without a care in the world she wiggled out of her nightgown, baring her bare skin to Marigold, who was used to Mona’s lack of concern for clothes when she was around. Mona went in the bathroom and took a quick shower. Marigold, had put away Mona’s scattered clothes on the floor that she left behind when she undressed. Mona was messy, though not unclean. Mona had good hygiene and kept things polished, but discarded her clothes, shoes, purses, intimates, and night gowns everywhere. Marigold knew to follow the trail of clothes,that indicated where Mona had been. Marigold was ever so diligent to Mona’s needs, and did not mind it. She was happy to comply to Mona’s wishes. She loved Mona, not like a mother, but much deeper. Marigold wondered if Mona realized the feelings that she had awaken inside her. Probably so, as Mona was very affectionate in private. But, Marigold, also kept her distance from Mona, as she felt it was not right and something in her made her feel as if Mona was untouchable.


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