One Day

Where was I… yes, yes, now this story has no end and no beginning, and I have changed the names to protect the identity of those I am writing about, lest they discover who they are and well, most unfortunate it will be for all of us. Now this story, begins with the Tempest family. There was father, who was the showman, the ringmaster who ran the show. He drove the circus to a modest success, but that came to a price for everybody, as father managed his troops with an iron fist. You did as you were told, or assume the consequences of your disobedience.

There was mother, who like father managed the family with a strong hold, raising her two daughters that they should not be seen or heard and that the world was not a safe place for two girls. Mother protected her daughters even if that meant shaking the rod to teach them the value of obedience. The daughters, the eldest who was much like the mother and willed her youngest sister to submission, and being the youngest she pretty quickly learned from all her teachers.

Mother and her eldest daughter disliked the circus and found no enjoyment in the mist of the circus life. They prefer to stay in their trailer and rarely spoke to anyone. What they did all day inside nobody was certain of, but just as it was certain their absence, the youngest daughter would be seen, out enjoying the sun, bringing water to the various animals that performed at the circus. Not everybody lived for the excitement in the life of the circus, but the youngest daughter believed it to be a magical place.

The wonderful circus only came alive at night, with the thousands of smells coming from the small stands that sold popcorn, corn dogs, funnels, donuts, candy apples, and other fantastic smells that made anyone’s mouth water. Showered by the bright lights, the colorful display of the tents and signs, added by the various sounds. The laughs, the squeals of children delighted at the acrobats, the stilt walkers, the jugglers, that eventually graced the center stage.

The youngest daughter of the Tempest family would sneak behind the tent to see it all. No matter how many times she watched it, she got a thrill as if it were the first time she watched the performers. Her favorite act was the female equestrians that did stunning maneuvers on those large horses they rode. But what caught her eyes the most, was not their performance, but their flowing costumes that floated around them. Sunshine, as the youngest Tempest child was called, was mesmerized by the continuous flow of their garments that made them look like they were flying.

The costumes were made brilliantly, and when the lights were turned off the colors glowed in the dark. Sunshine wondered how that was possible. No two costumes were ever alike, and each showed a splendid, and extravagance of glamour that no other person could possess outside the circus. Every performer wore exquisite costumes, bright and colorful, displaying the performers personality and playing into their act. It added a bit of fantasy and mysticism to them. Who was the creator of such great costumes? It was none other than a very beautiful women that Sunshine knew by sight.


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