One Day

Long, long time ago, there lived a family who owned a circus of all kinds of animals. Bears, elephants, hippopotamus, lions, and tigers. They also had an assortment of birds, and other wild beasts they trained and tended day and night. The Tempest family who owned the circus was made up of a mother, a father, and two daughters, and anybody who became part of the Tempest family was happily adopted in to this family. Everyone devoted themselves to the circus. They all worked together, ate together, traveled together and lived together in the circus. All would say everything was well, except if you looked closer something was amiss in this family.

It was simply overlooked, not because they did not care, because, it was not important as one would think. The mother was motherly, though her caring was not soft and gentle. Some thought she was beautiful though her beauty had hardened through time. She never smiled, she never spoke kind words, and never complemented anyone. She said very little and said enough for anyone to acknowledge what she said. Nobody could say mother had a hard heart. Then there was father, a man that commanded respect and loyalty. He was like mother, spoke few words to convey his instructions and then never said much more. He was not tall nor handsome, but many at the circus were not at ease in his presence. Everyone one did as they were told, and nobody disrespected the Tempest family. Everyone was expected to do their share of work, for if they did not they shall not eat, as father reminded them.

The Tempest family ruled with a mighty strength, their presence was visible to everyone and it made everyone one tremble and did their best to obey the rules. It was better to do as Mother and Father said and never say a word against it. As mentioned before, the Tempest family also included two daughters. The oldest was a hard of heart much like the mother and father. Her beauty was not ordinary and yet it was pleasing to the eye. She commanded respect and you better run if you displeased her, because her bark was worse than her bite. She could bring any strong man to his knees, which was quite often enough.

Everyone held their breath when she came around the corner. You could hear her forceful thud, thud footsteps as she got closer. You better learn quickly the sound of her footsteps and run the other direct lest you crossed paths with her. She was not compassionate, nor did she ever say a kind word. She saw anyone who worked for her father as people she did not approve as her equal. Surely this appeared to be an unhappy family, but not so, then there was the youngest, the oddest of the bunch.

The youngest was quite a happy girl, never said much, only to say thank you and please. She worked alongside everybody and was all too delighted to do it. She rose at dawn, helped water and feed the animals; and though she was not comfortable being around the large beasts she still did her best to tend to them. She was opposite of her mother, father and sister. She was excited when she saw new animals become part of the circus. She smiled and laughed unlike her mother and father, which many cannot recall if they had ever seen them smile. It has been a long while if they did, everybody wondered.

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