Man of Time

A few minutes passed and nothing seemed to happen. Harold was becoming nervous. He wondered where he was going as he still couldn’t see from the darkness that surrounded him.

“Well, here we are,” said the voice.

“Where?” Harold asked.

“Where the man of time resides, have you forgotten so soon,” said the voice. “Wait here, he will come and find you.”

“Where is here,” Harold demanded to be told. “I won’t stand of this, take me back home.”

But the voice had left, leaving him in presence with the man of time, but Harold didn’t know it yet.

“So you want to travel back in time?” asked a man, startling Harold.

“Who are you?” Harold was flustered. “Why is it so dark in here?”

“Well I surely haven’t blinded you,” said the man of time. “You should open your eyes, that might help.”

Open my eyes, Harold mocked in thought, but before he could protest, he slowly did as he was commanded, and behold a man of flesh and blood stood right before him.

“Who are you?” Harold asked.

“Of course, I forgot my manners,” said a well dressed, older man in a dark suit as he extended his hand to shake Harold’s. “My name’s Pieter, people know me as the man of time. How do you do?”

Harold cautiously took his hand. The man was too well dressed to be a time keeper. Pieter wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short, he had a protruding belly, and a head full of hair, neatly combed in place. He had a friendly face, with rosy cheeks and clear grey eyes. He certainly didn’t look like a man of the current era, but of days gone by, like from the movies his great-grandfather use to watch.

“I didn’t catch your name?” man of time asked.


“That’s right,” man of time said. “I expected you for some time and here you are. I loose track of time sometimes, for me time is always running. I could be in the future one minute and before I know it I am in the past. For all we know we could be in the past thinking it’s the present, but that is time for you. It keeps going with or without us. I like to keep with the present, but sometimes the future catches up with me, and before I realize it I get stuck in the past. Time travel is a serious business. I can never say where I am going, except this keeps me mindful of time.” He takes out a gold-chained watch from his waistcoat-pocket and showed it to Harold. “I get lost without it… so what can I do for you, my boy?”

“I-I-I… don’t know,” for Harold felt confused, “one minute I am in my room and next I am here.”

“It happens, losing track of time,” Pieter chuckled, “I am sure it will all come flooding back to you, and before that does, I need to make sure you want to do this? Because going back in time is a serious matter. You only get one chance and that is all you get. Can you imagine what would happen if I gave more than one chance? I wouldn’t have enough time in the world.”

“Is it possible?” Harold was skeptic, “to go back in time?”

Pieter, gave out a jolly laugh, “anything is possible, just like there are one thousand solutions to a problem. Nothing is impossible, if anything was impossible cities would have never been built. You see, it is all about believing you can fix things.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start?” Harold felt ashamed, lowering his head.

“Well, that is an entirely different process,” Pieter raised his forefinger in the air. “Some people start from the beginning, others go to the middle and work their way up or down. I prefer starting from the end and moving my way down, to see were you’ve erred. Though, it’s a bit tricky.”

“How is that?”

“The end is the beginning of the end,” Pieter send. “If you trace your steps you might remember where you have to mend that one day in particular, instead of going through life fixing everything.”

“One day?” Harold was surprised to hear this. “Why would it take one day… I don’t quite follow you.”

“One day of your life could mend everything for the rest of your life,” Harold said. “Its amazing where life takes you after one day. A million choices to make and each leads you through different courses in life.”

Harold thought for a moment and finally decided where he wanted to start the rest of his life.

“Are you certain?” Pieter was doubtful.

“Yes,” Harold was resolute.

“Well, all right,” Pieter said, and off Harold went to a specific time and place.



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