The Seer

Robert and the General had buried the bodies of all 150 residents, women, children, and the man, were given rites. It was hard not to be emotional, and Robert couldn’t help let a few tears roll down his face. After the burial, they moved on to the next town, and the familiar quietness greeted them. They only found lifeless bodies, all meeting the same fate, they were hacked openly with no mercy, not one soul survived. Their enemies were filled with a hate, that was quite inexplicable. Robert found it senseless.

“Our enemies are many,” the Seer had said. “They have grown to hate us for not being like them. We do not share their blood and when they come they will have no mercy… They will try to eliminate us, but they will not succeed…  There will be a time when someone will write about us, but no one will know of our fate like it happened in Angola. Some will listen, by then I hope it’s not too late… This is the truth that I speak, and I have warned those that will listen. We must come together as our people once did before.”

The General and the others returned to town where it was barred by soldiers. Robert knew they were next. A soldier stopped the General.

“We got word from another town,” the soldier said. “They were attacked this morning, but they were able to push the enemy back. They had heard about the other towns and were able to prepare themselves before it happened. We got word they are nearby and by dawn they will attack… We will know when they get here.”

“How will we know?” Robert asked.

“Believe me, they will let us know,” the General assured him.

By night, as the General had predicted the enemy made themselves known. Drums began thundering from beyond the darkness. Robert could not see them, but the enemy was there, waiting, watching, hungering for blood. An hour went by and the drums continued to throb louder and louder, incessantly. Robert could barely hear anything else, just the drums that drowned out the noises around them. Everyone was vigilant, nerves were rattled, as they quietly remained motionless, some even held their breaths.

Time slowed and as the night wore on, Robert was feeling weary, but he didn’t dare let his guard down, lest they come quickly and take his life while he slept. He expected them to attack, suddenly without warning, but by dawn the drums had finally ceased, leaving a silent and still land.

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