The Seer

By morning, the General, and a few soldiers, along with Robert, had arrived North. It was awfully quiet, nothing moved, nothing stirred. The General warned the others to stay quiet.

“We need to check all the homes,” the General uttered in a low tone. “Be cautious, and we will meet back here.”

They all split up, Robert took to the left, walked up the dirt street , undecided if he wanted to enter the house. It was almost eight in the morning and not one soul made its presence. It was unusual, and Robert had an eerie feeling from deep, down inside that he was going to see something dreadful, something the Seer had predicted.

“Innocent blood will be spilled by our enemies,” the Seer had forewarned, “my people have lost their way… but they will be brought back by a common enemy.”

Robert hoped he was right, because when he entered the familiar house he saw the bodies of an old friend and his family slaughtered in the kitchen. Robert froze in horror.

‘How can anybody do this?’ Robert thought, he saw the six year old boy, his blond hair, tinted in red, his pajamas soaked in the pool of blood surrounding him. The eight-year old daughter, her face was unrecognizable, her blond hair was no longer blond, and her mother and father laid lifeless beside her. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t shout. But who would he shout to?

‘I need to get help,’ Robert thought to himself. ‘I need someone to come and help me. They need help…’

His thoughts trailed off, realizing help was too late.

Robert staggered outside where the others were shaken by what they had encountered inside. One of the soldiers was upchucking, while the others were shell shock, nothing could prepare them for this. The General’s face was pale white, his hand trembled as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Robert approached him.

“They’re dead,” the General muttered, “they are all dead. Not one soul is alive. They killed them all.”

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