The old couple were eating their first meal with their son after his return from college.

“Tell us, John,” said the father, “what have you learned at college?”

“Oh, lots of things,” said the son, as he recited off his course of studies. “Then,” he concluded, “I also studied logic.”

“Logic,” said the old man; “what is that?”

“It’s the art of reasoning,” said the son.

“The art of reasoning?” said the father. “What is that, my boy?”

“Well,” replied the son, “let me give you a demonstration. How many chickens are on that dish, father?”

“Two,” said the old man.

“Well,” said John, “I can prove there are three.” Then he stuck his fork in one and said: “That is one isn’t it?”

“Yes,” said the father.

“And that is two?” sticking the fork in the second.

“Yes,” replied the father again.

“Well, don’t one and two make three?” replied John triumphantly.

“Well, I declare,”said the father, “you have learned things at college. Well, mother,” continued the old man to his wife, “I will give you one of the chickens to eat and I’ll take the other, and John can have the third. How is that, John?”

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