The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

Professor- “Tell me one or two things about John Milton.”

Student- “Well, he got married and he wrote “Paradise Lost.” Then his wife died and he wrote “Paradise Regained.”



The armored knights could have continued to sword play for longer, but Walter had gotten winded and Alden was exhausted from his duel. While the boys rested, the two knights introduced themselves. “Welcome to the swordsmanship room,” said one. “Created to help knights train in the art of the sword.”

“We are the tutors. I am Sir Cheshire,” said the second knight. “This is Sir Lucius.”

“At your service,” bowed Sir Lucius.

“It’s been years since anyone has entered this room,” said Sir Cheshire.

“We had almost lost hope,” said Sir Lucius.

“After the war, not many came to the manor looking to be knights,” said Cheshire. “Archibal locked the rooms and no magic was ever used again.”

“It was lonely times for everybody,” Sir Lucius shook his head in sadness. “The only company we had were the spirit servants who kept the rooms from being neglected.”

“Archibal would have let us rust if it weren’t for them,” Sir Cheshire added.

“Archibal had stopped caring,” said Sir Lucius.

“Refusing to use magic,” said Sir Cheshire. “Who has heard of a wizard refusing to use magic?”

“The absurdity of it all,” said Sir Lucius.

“Why did he refuse to use magic?” said Alden.

“You don’t know?” Sir Lucius was surprised while Sir Cheshire sputtered in horror. “The war, my boy.”

“It was a melee of death,” said Sir Cheshire. “We were there.”

“Too terrible to speak of,” said Sir Lucius.

“It tore Archibal apart,” Sir Cheshire had become downcast.

“It has been ten years ago since it ended, but for Archibal it never did,” said Sir Lucius.

“We can’t be mad at him for what he did,” said Sir Cheshire.

“No we can’t,” agreed Sir Lucius.

Walter glanced at Alden. “My father told me stories about it, but I can barely remember,” said Walter.

“Well,” sputtered Sir Cheshire. “Don’t trust the humans to remember exactly the way it happened.”

“Every time they retell it something changes,” said Sir Lucius. “For their convenience.”

“If you really want to know the truth, you must go to the room of athenaeum,” said Sir Cheshire.

“The what?” the boys said in unison.

“The book repository,” said Sir Lucius. “It appears on the first floor near the bathroom.”

“Some overwrought elfin attends the room,” said Sir Cheshire.

“You will find all the books you never thought could exist,” said Sir Lucius.

“Indeed, you will,” agreed Sir Cheshire.

“We better get going,” said Walter. “It’s getting late.” Alden conceded. They said goodbye to the two armored knights who were all too cheery in their farewells and told the boys to visit them anytime.

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