Mr. V. Jarsdel

Stan came back the next day. He wouldn’t tell me where he had been, but informed me that he had rented us a car. I thought for a moment he came down to his senses and we were going back home, instead he was resolute in going back and finding Charlestown. I was despondent.

“Stan, do you really think it’s a good idea to go back?” I asked him.

“Of course it is,” Stan was excited as ever before.

“I got the impression from people that it was a bad idea,” I said. “They say people don’t come back from this place.”

“Honey,” Stan placed both his hands on my shoulder. “We talked about this. It is superstition. People here believe in all that hogwash. There is nothing to be afraid of. Think of it as an adventure, seeking a lost city, the treasures and stories we will find.”

“What if there is evil there,” I said, “real evil.”

“We got nothing to worry about. That is why I am bringing this,” Stan reached inside his coat pocket and took out a silver gun.

I nearly jumped off the edge of the bed.

“Relax, honey, it is not unloaded,” Stan cocked the chamber to show me. “I bought it a few towns back just in case we come across trouble. I bought a case of bullets too.”

“I don’t want to go,” I was almost being hysterical.

“Honey, you can’t stay here,” Stan said.

“Go without me, just go,” I was mortified he was willing to put us in harms way all for a story.

Stan sat on the edge of the bed beside me.

“If you don’t want to go, I understand,” Stan said. “But, I can’t abandon you here… I know this was not the trip you were looking forward to. I thought it would be an adventure for us, one followed by countless others… come with me and if you still choose to leave after we come back, I’ll understand.”

I felt guilty deserting Stan this way, perhaps, I was overreacting. If we give fear a name it only becomes too real, I thought to myself. I came down to my senses and agreed to go with Stan. He was elated. We checked out of the hotel early the next morning. We bought a few clothes to replace the ones we had lost and as quickly as Stan could drive we headed towards Charlestown or so I thought.





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