A Visit from Death

I turned to Death and found comfort in his presence.

“I thought it was okay for her to hate me,” I said, “for everything I have done, for all my mistakes that destroyed our relationship.”

“Somewhere, in your daughter’s heart she loves you,” Death said, “that is why she has shut you out. You are her father and even in death you will be her father. She is angry and once her anger subsides, she will finally feel her love for you, and then she will forgive you.”

“Do you believe she will?” I asked hopeful.

“I know so,” Death responded.

“I was a terrible father to her,” I said. “I was a drunk. The bottle was my friend. I pushed her away when she tried to get close. By then I had realized I was a drunkard, and nothing could ease my pain, but the wine I drank every day.”

“That is when you began to die inside,” Death said. “I had been watching you, waiting patiently as I await now.”

“Thank you friend,” I said.

“I promise the pain will subside,” Death said. “Close your eyes and let sleep come over you.”

I did as I was told and felt a wave of peace come over me.


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