The Letter

Dora had returned from Sunday School where she had been for the first time.

“What did my little daughter learn this morning?” asked her father.

“That I am a child of Satan,” was the beaming reply.


“Have you seen Mabel?” Mrs. Massingberd asked her neighbor.

“No, dear,” said Mrs. Byrd. “I haven’t seen Mabel. Is there anything the matter.”

“Mabel hasn’t come home,” Mrs. Massingberd said. “I sent her to town for some errands and she hasn’t been home.”

“Oh, dear,” Mrs. Byrd said. “Have you spoken with Sophie.”

Mrs. Massingberd rushed over to Sophie’s home.

“Have you seen, Mabel?” Mrs. Massingberd asked.

“No, I haven’t seen her all day, Mrs. Massingberd. I saw her walking to town, but we didn’t talk.”

“Have you seen her return from town?” Mrs. Massingberd asked hopeful.

“No, I didn’t see her return,” Sophie said.

Mrs. Massingberd went from neighbor to neighbor asking for her daughter, Mabel. She ran from house to house, person to person, inquiring any one if they had seen her daughter. But to her despair, they had all said no. It was evening time when she returned home, in hopes her daughter had returned. But her hope evaporated when her daughter never came home.