A Visit from Death

There was an Old Man of Peru, who watched his wife making a stew; but once, by mistake, in a stove she did bake that unfortunate Man of Peru.


“He plucked me up from my bed,” I continued, “and threw me into an abyss where there was a vast ocean with no land in sight. The sky was a uniform dark grey the same color as the ocean. He threw me into the cold water where I swam endlessly. I cried out for help, and I could hear my voice echo. I was left there, gasping for air, struggling to stay afloat, but no help came… I can not close my eyes without feeling the ocean around me and suffocating my will, I so much enjoy.”

“Apollyon, is a trickster,” said Death. “He is not pleasant.”

“I still will not go,” I was unyielding.

“You do not get to choose!” Death was becoming impatient.

“I have heard of people outsmarting Death,” I said.

“And how will you outsmart me?” Death grinned.

“I will think of something,” I responded.

“In the meantime life is slipping through your fingers,” Death acknowledge.

“Perhaps,” I must have to admit I did not know how to outsmart death.