The Beast of Montenegro

The witch got closer to Mina and then floated back with an awe expression.

“You have the mark,” the witch said.

“The what?” Mina became hagridden.

“The mark,” the witch repeated.

“That’s enough,” Alena demanded.

“You haven’t told her?” the witch was surprised.

“She doesn’t need to know,” Alena said.

“You’re protecting her,” the witch became irate. “You can’t protect her. Don’t you know what she will do? Don’t you know what she is.”

“She’s just a child,” Alena shielded Mina.

“She’s not a child no more,” the witch said.

“She isn’t what you think she is,” said Natalia.

“She will be,” the witch sneered. “What are you guarding her from, herself? You can’t protect her. Nobody can help her.”

“We will protect her,” said Alena.

“We’ll do whatever it takes,” agreed Natalia.

“You think you can stop it?” the witch said. “If she can’t control it she will be engulfed.”

“We better go,” Alena urged Mina. “I won’t stand to hear this.”

“Let’s go Mina,” Natalia concurred.

Mina complied and followed the ghosts away from the witch. Mina could hear her yelling.

“You can’t protect her forever! You will fail!”

It sent shivers up and down Mina’s spine. She glances back to see the witch still gloating in the air pointing her finger at Mina. She had a foreboding feeling of something dark to come.