The Beast of Montenegro, V

Ordinance No. 16 of Columbus, Mont.. provides that “any person who shall not lift his hat to the Mayor as he passes him on the street, will be guilty of a misdemeanor.”


The witch floated towards the three juveniles, and without hesitating began to accost them. She pulled one of the girl’s hair, then slightly lifted the boy in the air and threw him down. She proceeds to blow on the second girl. All at once, the juveniles started to scream, running back from where they came from. The witch, amused of her tricks cackled at them.

“That wasn’t necessary,” Alena said.

“What a droller,” Natalia said.

“Don’t encourage her,” Alena reproached.

“Is she really a witch?” Mina whispered.

“No, not really,” said Alena. “Just a very bad spirit.”

“Who said I wasn’t a witch?” the witch stopped hotly.

They all came out from hiding and approached the witch.

“My, my someone I haven’t frightened,” the witch jeered at Mina. “She can see me? My, isn’t this different. I can see you’re not afraid of me.”

“No, not, really,” Mina confessed. “Why do they think you’re a witch?”

“I’m not,” the witch barked. “They made me out to be one. I was just like you, a person. They wanted to take my land so I let them to believe I was a witch to scare them. I cursed them all. They decided to burn me alive as I slept in my home…every few years I get awoken by fools. It allures me, but I still have my land and my house… what’s left of it… you my child… I have seen it before, once many full moons. It was on the mountain. I heard the sounds and I took a look. The shape was not of any animal I ever recognized… The last time I saw it had…”