The Beast of Montenegro

Alena sat next Mina on the floor and began to sing her a lullaby. The ghost kept close to Mina, watching her as she slept. They knew it wouldn’t be the last time Mr. Crane would attempt to murder his daughter.

It wasn’t the first time nor the last the ghosts predicted that Mr. Crane attempted to kill his daughter. Mina escaped her fate more she cared to count. As, Mina, matured from child woman, the feeling of despair and melancholy never left her.

Mrs. Crane became visibly agitated when Mina returned home. Her eyes spurn in bewilderment that Mina was still alive. Like the day when Mina walked in the door and she saw Mrs. Crane, standing in her customary spot in kitchen behind the table without chairs. The chairs were probably used as firewood during cold winters.

“He will not stop,” Mrs. Crane pointed her finger at Mina. “Blood will run… You cannot avoid it… Your ghosts cannot stop him. Death will be upon you.”

Mrs. Crane left the kitchen.

Mina froze in place. Could Mrs. Crane see Alena and Natalia?

“She sees you,” Mina whispered to the ghost. “She sees both of you.”

“That can’t be possible,” Natalia said. “We only make ourselves known to those we wish to see us.”

“It’s probability because she heard you talking to us,” Alena could only guess.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Natalia was suspicious. “You better leave before he comes home.”