The Beast of Montenegro, Chapter IV

“You are certainly kind to send your wife away for a rest.”

“Yes, heaven knows I need it.”


Mina remained in the darkness, weeping softly, hoping her father wouldn’t return to find her. The soft, blue glow of the ghosts comforted her.

“He’s really angry,” Mina whispered. “He’s really angry at me.”

“Everything will be all right,” assured Alena.

“He won’t find you here,” Natalia added.

“Why does he hate me so much?” Mina sobbed quietly.

“There, there,” Alena comforted her. “Everything will be all right.”

“He’s a hateful man,” Natalia said in disgust.

“Hush, Nati,” Alena reprimanded her.

“He is. He drinks too much,” Natalia added.

“Nati,” Alena gave her a disapproving look. “Stop it!”

“She’s upset,” Natalia wasn’t pleased to be reprimanded. “I don’t want her to blame herself. Mina, you didn’t do anything wrong. He’s just a despicable man. Some people have a dark heart. By tomorrow he will forget. He always does.”

“For now, stay here,” Alena said. “We’ll stay here with you.”

“What about tomorrow?” Mina asked.

“We will worry about that then,” Alena said.