The Beast of Montenegro

They walked back to where they came from when they spotted Natalia a few feet away. She seemed discontented and angry at a headstone.

“How could he?” Natalia muttered indignantly, as she kicked at the stone. “How could he?”

Mina looked down to see what it read.

Natalia Borb. Born 1896; died; Unknown.

“I wasn’t meant to die young,” Natalia raged. “I was too young and he took it away!”

“I’m sorry, Natalia,” Mina felt sad for her.

Natalia sniffled.

“It’s not your fault,” Natalia ceased her kicking. “It was his…”

Natalia failed to always mention his name. Whoever this man was, Natalia resented him. Mina wondered if he was buried in the cemetery somewhere. Perhaps, he was still alive. No matter, Natalia only mentioned him when something elicit her memory. Natalia couldn’t recall her death, and whatever bits and pieces surfaced she ranted to herself.

“It’s best if we leave,” Alena finally suggested. “It’s not good to be here.”

Natalia agreed and they all left.