The Beast of Montenegro

A few people roamed about the graveyard, leaving flowers to their lost loved ones. Mina had once searched her family’s tombstones, but she didn’t find them. She believed her ancestors were residents of Montenegro. The majorities of families were. She had no recollections of being anywhere else, then again, she had no other family in Montenegro.

“I thought everybody was buried in Montenegro,” Mina asked. “Why can’t I find any of the Crane tombstones?”

“Maybe they are buried somewhere else,” Natalia said.

“That’s not possible,” Alena said. “Outsiders are rarely buried in the graveyard of Montenegro. It’s customary since I can remember, unless that has changed.”

“Like Rada?” Mina asked.

“Rada? Where did you hear that name?” Alena asked.

“That’s the name, father repeats when he gets really angry,” Mina said.

“I’ve never heard of Rada,” said Natalia. “Maybe it’s just something he says.”

Mina didn’t say otherwise.

“Where are you buried, Alena?” Mina asked her.

“I think beyond those trees,” Alena pointed.

“That’s the oldest part of the cemetery,” said Mina.

“It’s been that long time,” Alena lead Mina to her tombstone.

They came upon her tombstone. Alena Antipin, it read on the simple slab. Born 1784; died 1820. Mina never dared to ask Alena how she died. Alena would consider it rude and disrespectful, even though, she was just a ghost, she had her old traditions she never left behind. Mina knelt down and wiped off the dead leaves and dirt from it.