The Beast of Montenegro

By the end of the school day, Mina was relieved to walk away from the oppressive atmosphere. As she walked home she knew she would be entering another nocuous environment. Mina had stopped going straight home after school, instead she went to the graveyard. A place she knew it was barren of judging eyes. Most people sidestepped the cemetery, but not Mina. She liked it there. She didn’t have to speak to anybody, not that she spoke much at school. When she did speak, her voice felt lost and rusty. Mina was too tristful to talk. If only others could see that.

“We care,” Alena reminded her.

“I know—“ Mina was ashamed to say it.

“But–we’re just ghost,” Natalia finished her thought, “devoid of any human touch that can comfort you.”

“I’m sorry,” Mina said.

“Don’t be sorry,” Alena said. “We understand. A human touch is more precious… I miss it myself.”

Mina never meant to mention it, but it lingered in her thoughts. Though, they were ghost, they still felt like they once did. She didn’t want to hurt them. It was the last thing she wanted. They did the best they could to protect her. She would be more lonesome without them.