Th Beast of Montenegro

In her youth, Mrs. Crane was a beauty to look at. Her regal visage, belied her squalor background. Because of her grim life, beauty had faded away, leaving the harsh lines of bitterness. The ends of her mouth were turned down in a grimace. Her heavy set eyes showed sign of weariness, and her thin body covered in a black, outdate dress.

Mrs. Crane wore the same ankle length dress, with its high collar, and long sleeves. She appeared centuries old. Her hair up in a pompadour style, tied in a tight bun. She never seemed disheveled, or appeared distressed, instead she was aloof towards Mina. That day it seemed Mrs. Crane had been waiting for her.

“It’s now your turn,” Mrs. Crane simply told Mina and walked away.

“What does she mean?” Mina asked her ghostly companions, but they had vanished. Mina could hear the heavy footsteps of her father approaching. She began to shiver, realizing what her mother meant. It was now her turn to take on her father’s rage. The door opened behind her and in walked her father with his choleric demeanor.

She learned quickly that nothing she did could lessen his provocation. When she wailed in pain his pelting became worse. Nothing kept Mr. Crane from beating her while her mother reinforced obedience and loyalty. Night after night, Mina went to bed sobbing, bruised and hurt from her father’s anger. All the while, Alena and Natalia comforted her in solace.