The Beast of Montenegro

It wasn’t the first time, Mina woke up to Alena and Natalia whispering among each other. They sounded worried.

“She won’t control it,” Alena fretted.

“We can help her,” Natalia argued.

“We’re ghosts,” Alena said. “If she finds out what she is, there will be no return for her. We are here to protect her and that’s what we’ll do. Provoking those feelings doesn’t help her.”

“Those boys wouldn’t have stopped,” Natalia remarked. “She needs to stand up for herself.”

“There are other ways,” Alena said.

“Do you really think she will be like her father?” Natalia asked.

“The blood of Banat runs through her veins,” Alena said. “I’ve seen what they can do.”

“Maybe so,” said Natalia. “Doesn’t mean she will be like them.”

“I do hope so. She will be needing us more than ever,” Alena said, “there will come a time, she will need to know.”

Mina wondered what they meant. Many questions rushed to her head. Was she a danger? Who was Banat? What could they be talking about? Mina found it difficult to go back to sleep. Alena and Natalia were keeping secrets. They weren’t the only ones with secrets. As Mina grew older, life at home was getting harder. One day when she arrived home her mother was waiting for her in the kitchen. Mrs. Crane stood behind the kitchen table, staring harshly at Mina.