The Beast of Montenegro

Vladimir went further by shoving Mina with force causing her to drop her school books.

“Didn’t you hear me, freak?” he exclaimed. “You don’t belong here.”

“I’ll show you!” Natalia attempted to grab Vladimir, but instead, went through him pushing him to the ground.

For a moment, he was stunned, but his silence turned to anger. He got up from the ground and continued to throw insults at Mine. A hubbub of boys surrounded Mina and Vladimir. Alena must have seen a look that overtook Mina, and tried to persuade her to walk away.

“Walk away,” Alena told her, “don’t listen to him. Walk away.”

Something within Mina surfaced, a feeling she had never felt before, but, seen in her father. It started from the pit of her chest, flowed through her veins until it engulfed her. A growl from the depths of her bowls emerged. Her eyes took a different shade; like her father had many times before. They weren’t human anymore. They had taken a darker, sinister appearance.

Mina didn’t realize she wasn’t herself anymore. She grabbed Vladimir by his shirt, lifting him from the ground. She stared into the face of the frightened boy and in a deep voice said, “Don’t you ever touch me again. If you ever put your hands on me I will kill you. Now leave me alone.”

The other boys became frightened and ran away before she could turn her wrath on them. She let go of Vladimir. She blinked a few times not knowing what had just taken place. Her eyes had returned to normal. Alena and Natalia were silent. That hadn’t been Mina.

“What happened?” Mina saw Vladimir disappear around the alley, yelling something about her being a witch.

“Nothing my dear, nothing at all,” Alena assured her. “Let’s hurry home.”

“We should hurry home,” Natalia added.

Mina hadn’t understood what had done wrong. Why had the boys’ runaway? Why were they now calling her a witch? Alena and Natalia didn’t explain Mina’s confusion.

“She doesn’t need to know,” Alena would tell Natalia. “Not for the moment. She’s not ready.”

“We eventually have to tell her,” Natalia would argue.

“Perhaps,” said Alena. “One day, but not today.”