The Beast of Montenegro

“You must endure pain”, Mrs. Crane would say. “Like this family has. We are everything you have. Family is important, remember that.”

Ms. Crane would point to the window when she said those words.

“We are not like the others, we are different and unique.” Mrs. Crane would continue.

Her mother had a way of making her feel contrite. Guilt was how her mother raised her. Mina could never cease feeling ashamed or afraid. That was how it was growing up in the Crane family. That was how Mina felt every day. Though, she was an only child, Mina wasn’t completely alone.

In her room, Mina spoke to two kind ghosts, Alena and Natalia whom she was able to see. Mina couldn’t recall when they first appeared to her, but her darkness was illuminated by their florescent specter.  They gave her the attention and compassion her parents never did.

The ghost protected Mina, especially when it came to her father. They knew he was short tempered and belligerent towards Mrs. Crane, and though, the first years of Mina’s life he ignored her, he eventually began to take notice of her. The ghosts would forewarn her when her father arrived. Though, Mina believed she was the only one to see them, she never told anyone about them. They made her promise to keep that a secret.

“People that see ghost have a terrible fate”, they would tell her. “Worse in life than in death. It’s never a good sign among the living to see ghosts. Many believe it’s a warning that something horrible is about to happen.”

“Will something bad happen to me?” Mina would ask, thinking of her troubles.

“Don’t worry, child,” Alena would comfort her. “You haven’t been damned.”

Mina wanted to believe them.