The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

“Wait till yer mother hears ‘bout this. She thinks yer aunt’s been brainwashed by that, that Mister Berry. Oi think she’s a hoity-toity, like that Berry. What did she want? What did she say?”

Alden just shook his head.

“Say,” his father looked at the bags of confectionery and exotic fruits. “Did she give ye those?”

Alden couldn’t lie to his father and nodded.

“That’s all she gave ye? While we starve to death she gives ye candy an’ fruit? She knows yer mother doesn’t eat fruit an’ Oi don’t like candy. Wait till yer mother hears ‘bout this. Let me take those from ye. Ye better git home.”

He took the fruits and confectioneries away from Alden and staggered away.

Alden looked upset.

“I’m sorry,” was all Walter could say.

Alden shrugged. “I better go.”

He walked away with his head hung low. Walter wished he could help his friend out, but he himself had very little to give. And what he had wasn’t his to give. Though, many would disagree because he was Uncle Obel’s nephew. His uncle had riches to spare. His mother reminded him, what was Uncle Obel’s was his. But Uncle Obel did not owe them a living, that Walter knew was true.

With a sigh, he walked back to the Swan Inn.