The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

As Walter listened to Alden, he saw a dark figure moving from the shade of the trees out of the corner of his eye. But, when Walter turned to look, it simply faded away. Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him, but, he knew what he saw. Someone had been lurking nearby. Walter started to get the jitters.

Alden must have felt it too. “I think we better go,” he said. “It’s getting cold and I have to be back before they think I’ve gone missing again.”

They walked back to town in silence, feeling eyes watching them from a distance. It got dark early as it did when it got colder. The mountains didn’t help as they hid the last rays of sunlight before the sun set, casting a never-ending shadow over Asbjorn.

Winter was coming soon.

That night, as Walter laid in bed he noticed the Odyssey ring. He had been meaning to use it to visit Archibal, but lately he had been too exhausted to even think about it. He also wondered where Cadi was. She had visited him a few times before the heavy rains fell, but even those visits were few and far apart. Weary from his day, he falls asleep.

In the middle of the night, a noise woke Walter, causing him to sit up in a panic. He looked around the room wondering where the sound was coming from. His eyes glanced to the wooden floor, illuminated by the moonlight. He froze in fright when he notices sortie of shadows moving.