The Legend of Archibal: The Phantom

Nobody had to tell Walter the winds had changed in Asbjorn, besides the gloomy clouds and constant rain, the sun seemed to be hiding most of the time. Something unusual had befallen around town, whether it was the ending of autumn and the beginning of winter. Walter felt something was indeed occurring. Maybe it was that witching hour they whispered about. Walter doesn’t recall how long he mopped the floor, but it must have been for a while because it had gotten dark by the time Aunt Edith came around and told him to go have his dinner. He actually enjoyed the mopping and was eager to get back to it.

Besides listening to the gossip at the inn, it was rather dull and dreary being stuck inside. Walter hated it when his mother made him clean the windows upstairs. He did not understand why it had to be done. They still got smudgy and foggy after he was done cleaning them. He didn’t like sweeping or moping the upstairs, either, it was cold, lonely and tedious.

He would be thirteen in three months, not that it mattered since his mother didn’t celebrate his birthday. At times, he got bore being inside. He wanted to be outside. He wanted to be in school. He wanted to see Cadi and Alden. He wanted to visit Archibal anything, but stay inside while it rained.

Walter saw Alden when the weather permitted it and when he came around to fill his father’s jug with ale. Mr. Bagley hated the rain and didn’t dare to leave his home in fear that lighting might strike him. He had an Uncle who was killed that way as he headed to the tavern. Mrs. Bagley became despondent and moody and had Alden busy with her whims and complaints.

Alden was unruffled by his family’s odd behavior. He said it used to be worse when the other extended family lived at the old mansion. But, bad luck and other accidents left Mr. and Mrs. Bagley’s the last residents of the manor, creating many fears, phobias and anxiety in his parents. By now, Alden was accustomed to it.

Maybe somebody had to keep sane for Mr. and Mrs. Bagley’s sake, thought Walter.