The Ghost of Temple Bruer part 7

Sarah, was disheartened by her life at the castle. She was lonely for company, and felt a revulsion towards Philip. She was happy when days later he left on his trip, unaware of Sarah’s indifference toward him. He kissed her goodbye as he always did.

“Wait for me,” he said, something he always said to her before leaving.

Sarah was happy to see him go. She decided she too wanted to leave. She wrote a letter to her sister informing her she will see her soon. She sealed the envelop, and with determination she headed towards the town to mail the letter, but she didn’t ever reach the town. A sudden thunder storm had struck during her journey that she had to return home. It was just bad timing, she thought. She would try the next day, but again a storm made it impossible to trek the 8 miles to town. Every time she began her journey a storm or fog would make her passage difficult. Eventually she abandon the idea.

Despondent, Sarah sat in the garden crying. Everything felt hopeless, and the isolation made her feel discouraged. What was she to do?

“You shouldn’t cry,” a voice from behind said.

Sarah looked up, and saw John Hawthorn standing there.

“I can’t help it,” Sarah blubbered.”I feel unwelcome here.”

“Unwelcome?” he took of his hat, and knelt beside her. “You shouldn’t feel that way. Your in one of the most beautiful places you could ever be.”

“I wish I could feel happy, but I don’t,” Sarah cried. “I just want to go home.”

“Isn’t this your home?”

“No, it will never be my home,” Sarah repeated.

Sarah was too distraught to be aware that dark clouds formed, and swirled in the sky above her. Lightening flashed from afar, and then close by, but no thunder followed nor heard by those that looked at the menacing storm that was about to approach. When the storm finally arrived, Sarah was stuck inside. Philip didn’t return home for two more weeks, and Sarah felt more isolated than before. Any hopes of leaving the estate was replaced by the feeling of desperation. What was she to do now?

One night, there was a knock at the door. Sarah, was in the den trying to warm up near the fireplace when she heard the knock. She heard Aki open the door, and spoke to someone she was familiar with.

“I got a call from Philip,” the stranger said, “he said he couldn’t get through, and got worried. I promised to come, and check to see if everybody was all right?”

Sarah push the heavy, wooden door slightly ajar to take a gander at the stranger.

“We are fine,” Aki said.

“I’m glad to hear that,” said the man dressed in a poncho over his police uniform. “I’m sure there is nothing to worry about, but maybe the lines are down with this storm we have been having, calls haven’t been going through.”

“Yes,” was all Aki said.

“If the rain does not lit up, I might come by again,” he said. “Is that all right?”

“Yes,” said Aki.

“Have a good evening,” he gave her a nod and he left.

Sarah wondered how much longer the storm was going to last. She had lost the days as they blended into one, with grey clouds, and plenty of rain. Living in a castle hadn’t been such an adventure as she had thought. Maybe when Philip returned he would let her visit her sister.