The Ghosts of Temple Bruer part 2

Philip Diederich-Kent was a bachelor for some time, like his uncle, he was reclusive, and avoided people whenever possible. He especially hated visitor, sending them away quickly by his odd housekeeper. Philip was very particular with his personal life. Some people were able to get a glimpse of Philip. He was a very tall, aloof man, with red, wavy hair and matching mustache. He was handsome in a dark and mysterious way. The town people didn’t know much about him only that Charles Kent had been his uncle, and that he came from abroad. He rarely said much to anyone when he came to town, and if anybody greeted him he never returned the gesture. Philip kept to himself. The only person he did speak to was the young Sheriff Peter Crosby.

Sheriff Crosby was also the only visitor Philip could withstand to have, anybody else was not welcome including Crosby’s deputy that accompanied him during certain visits to the Temple Bruer estate. The people were commonly curious of the family that resided at the castle, who were often shrouded with enigma, and it made good tale to tell. It was no secret that Philip employed a Japanese woman, and her seven year old son. The rumor was that she was taken in during Philip’s travels. She was timid to strangers, and spoke in a broken English. Her son was often seen in the garden.

Philip had been a long time bachelor so it was a surprise to everyone when he married a young woman at the age of forty eight. Another one he picked up during his travels, they whispered. He traveled frequently, and barely staid at the estate for long. People wondered if he had been searching for a bride all this time. Maybe now he would settle down.

He brought his young wife, Sarah, to live at the estate. She was a pretty girl with almond eyes and brown hair. Her breath had been taken away when she saw the castle, and its vast gardens.

“I hadn’t lied when I told you how beautify this place was,” Philip said as he watched his new bride embrace her surroundings.

“You were right,” she acknowledge. “This is a beautify place. How many rooms does the castle have?”

“Thirty,” he smiled. “Behind the castle there is a pond and a gondola. I think you will like it.”

“A pond,” she gasped. “Does it have any fish?”

“I believe so.”

“Can I take a look?”

“Of course my love.”

The eager wife walked to the back of the castle, and was mesmerized by the charms of the garden. It was everything she had imagined, everything he had told her about Temple Bruer was true. She walked towards the pond, and saw lilies floating on the water. A few fireflies flew about, but there was no fish that she could discern in the green murky water. A sound from behind her distracted her attention from the pond. She turn to look and saw a face staring at her from a second story window.

“Darling, come inside,” Philip called out to her. “You can see the pond another day.”

Sarah glanced at her husband then back at the window where the face had disappeared.