Meine Unsterbliche Geliebte (My Immortal Beloved) Teil Acht, Das Ende

Disheartened, I went home. For days, I couldn’t sleep. I thought about him often and wondered if he would ever return. I unexpectedly, overheard someone talk about a large burrow on his property. It was uncommonly large for its size. He believed a wolf lived there as he heard growling coming from it. The burrow had a menacing feeling to it, and he didn’t dare to approach again. I decided to venture to this place, wondering if he was there. What drove me there I can’t say, but I didn’t restrain myself. I was somewhat curious, somewhat seeking for answers, hoping he wasn’t the monster he had become.

It took a while to find the burrow, and when I did it was unmistakable by its large and dark appearance. I cautiously steped forward. I wasn’t sure I could save him. I wasn’t sure I could bring him back. Before I could say his name, I heard a voice echo from its bowls.

“I know why you are here,” he slowly emerged from the darkness. He stood taller than any man I had ever seen. His face had changed, the color of his skin had converted to a light blue hue. His eyes had grown darker, no longer the light blue they once were. The traces of humanity were gone, and only the semblance of a demon were apparent.

“I had to see you,” my lips trembled. “I didn’t know you might be here, but I soon realized what you had become.”

He turned his nose up into the air, sniffed at something.

“See me, you have,” he said.

“I know what the Captain did,” I said.

“Then you know he left us to die,” he responded. “His old crew begged and pleaded for him to open the door, to let us in. The Captain, refused. He crouched in the corner, like a coward as they killed his crew… I wouldn’t have survived, but I did.”

“How?” I dreaded to hear the answer.

“I was given a second chance by the Temper, himself. I am no longer the human you once knew.”

“Why?” I could feel the tears flowing down my cheeks.

“I only thought of my vengeance… He came to me as I laid dying, and asked me if I wanted to live… In return, he wanted my soul to keep. He promised me many things, among them, eternity… In return, I relinquished my mortal body, to serve him for he always returns to what is owed to him… I fulfilled my revenge to all those who did me wrong.”

I could hear a growl from the depths of the burrow surface. It made the earth tremble under my feet, and it hissed at the wind to stop blowing. Nothing moved or stirred around me, the world stood quiet. I could see a large black dog with three heads, coming forth, with consternation, I took a few steps back.

“Cerberus,” he petted the three headed dog.

I whispered his old name.

“DON’T EVER SAY THAT HUMAN NAME!” he angrily shouted at me. “I am not him anymore… This is what I am. I am immortal. I am what I am.”

“Did you ever think of me?” I broke out crying.

“I once did,” he said, “forget me. I can never go back. You can’t save me for I chose not to be saved.”

My heart was broken.

“LEAVE,” he snarled. “Before I decide not to spare you.”

There was nothing more to say. With a heavy heart, I walked away, never to see my immortal beloved again.