Meine Unsterbliche Geliebte (My Immortal Beloved) Teil Zwei

We were once more reunited, he proposed marriage and I agreed. We married the next day. A few days later he set sail again.  I couldn’t wait to begin a married life with him. I bid him farewell once more and he sailed beyond the sea. As we always did, we wrote to each other. However, one day I stopped receiving his letters. I became apprehensive. What had happened to him?

Days turned to night and I wondered if he was all right. I began to doubt and worry. Where was he? Did his ship sink? Was he lost at sea? I overcame my trepidation when his ship safely landed at the harbor. I waited for him nervously and when I saw him with his sailor cap and sack, I smiled, and all my worries melted away. I ran into his arms, but my joy was replaced with agitation. I felt a cold chill at the nape of my neck, while my skin prickled all over. His demeanor wasn’t the usual gleeful disposition as he was when we reunited. He was somber and his eyes were a shade darker. I wasn’t sure if it was him. I called out his name and to my wonderment he responded. I embraced him, but he felt rigid and cold.

We went home and I hoped he would return to his jaunty demeanor, but he was eerily quiet. He had changed into someone I didn’t know. He wasn’t the man I had known before I bid him farewell. He was different, with a solemn face and a foul presence. I wasn’t afraid of him, but others could sense something maleficent about him. Friends stopped coming around.

He slept during the day and stayed awake during the night. His odd behavior continued. One night, in the light of the full moon that spilled into the room, I woke up with a start and turned to find him gone. I went looking around for him and was about to give up when I heard voices coming from the cellar. I crept downstairs, afraid to call out his name, and to my dismay, found him standing in a circle, drawn by chalk. His back was to me and when I asked him what he was doing his response was alarming.

“The rite of passage,” he had said.

Soon after, his appearance altered drastically, I barely recognized him. He shaved all his hair from his head. His skin took a different hue almost a light blue against his white skin, while the color of his eyes became a hologram of a darker shade of black. His light blue eyes I had gazed upon many times had faded, revealing a more sinister being. His body was stockier and broader, even in height he seemed taller. The man I once knew was gone and replaced by something I couldn’t quite understand who it was.

He still held the same affection for me, but he had become aloof and austere. He preferred to stay in the dark cellar most of the time. I barely saw him eat or drink. I often found dead carcasses of small animals outside our home. I wondered if he was their murderer.