Meine Unsterbliche Geliebte (My Immortal Beloved) Teil Eins

I wasn’t looking for love when he unexpectedly appeared in my life. He stood 5’7, tawny hair that he kept neatly short, with bright blue eyes and average slim built. He had a handsome boyish look that I found infatuating. I didn’t really see him as someone I cared to have a romantic relationship, but he grew on me with his warm, coquettish personality. The first time we were together, he took me to a hill where it overlooked the city. We talked for hours and when it was time to go home, it was hard to say goodbye.

The next day he left and I didn’t hear from him after that. I became consumed with guilt and shame. How could have I been so foolish in thinking I found the one? I was despondent and an overwhelming melancholy came over me. I wanted to leave the city and forget I ever met him, and did just that. I left all my belongings, bought a train ticket back home, waited at the station where many of my friends begged me to not go. The whistle of the train blew and they persuaded me to stay.

With a heavy heart, I reluctantly conceded. A year had passed, and though, I felt sad, I barely thought of him, until one day he showed up at my steps. I reluctantly opened the door and before I could rebuke him, he held out a box wrapped in blue paper, fastened with a white ribbon. I was tongue tide.

He apologized for not having called sooner, but he had been preparing to board a ship days before it was to set sail and wasn’t allowed to disembark. He had always dreamed of being a sailor, but I was happenstance, and his world took a different turn.

I lead him inside. He told me he had a few days left before he was shipped to sea and wanted to spend them with me. I couldn’t hate him any longer and we rekindled where we left off. Every time he visited me, he brought a present, each more special than the last. I was thrilled to be with him. I couldn’t stop my heart from skipping a beat.

On his last day before his voyage, he handed me a bouquet of white roses. The next day I bid him farewell as his ship sailed away. I wasn’t sad for too long, because months later he returned to me. I never stopped being excited to see him as he smiled when he approached. I threw myself into his arms and embraced him. But, it was short lived as he was shipped off again. I endured his many days at sea and wrote to him as much as he wrote to me.