The Legend of Archibal

Chapter 7 The New Arrival


Night after night the hunters returned to the Swan Inn defeated from their pursuits; soon the mood become morose and despondent. A contrast to what it had been a couple of weeks ago. Traps of every kind were set, ideas were shared, and different ways to ruse the animal into their shooting paths were passed along. When none of it worked, fights broke out. Everybody was on edge and the atmosphere, once filled with hope and certainty had turned bitter and despairing. The hunters that had traveled far and wide had suddenly left town.

Walter could not believe the radical change among these men. He was as upset as they were. Had this wolf outsmarted everyone? It must have because even the best hunter had been defeated time and time again. What was there to do? When will it stop? Everyone was fearing the worst. Once the wolf had devoured all the sheep will it come after them?

“If it was up to us,” Alden said when they met up at their usual spot on the tree. “We could surely outsmart that wolf.”

“How would we be able to do that?” Walter doubted. “We are just twelve years old. Plus I don’t think our parents would let us.”

“There should be something we can do?” Alden said. “We can’t just sit here and wait. What if the wolf is waiting also?”

“Waiting for what?” Walter said.

“For the opportunity to attack the town,” Alden said.