The Legend of Archibal

Walter can see why the tavern was a favorite place in town, there was merriment all around, and it got him and Alden singing. They were a cheery bunch they were but the fun Walter had was shortened when Uncle Obel’s huge hand landed on Walter and Alden’s shoulders. “Boys,” he said in a loud voice. “It is time to go home, now.” This disappointed Walter since he had to get back before his mother discovered he was gone. She might forbid him to ever see Alden again.

“I’ll just go fetch my father,” Alden said. “I can’t go back home without him.”

His Uncle nodded in understanding and was ahead of Alden on prying the man from the bar. The Uncle cut off Mr. Bagley who grumbled some slurred words and then was hauled off by his son. Walter, Alden and Mr. Bagley walked out into the cool night’s breeze. Stars were at their best tonight, as if everything was all right with the world. Mr. Bagley leaned against his son, staggering along the way still singing the song from the inn. They walked down further until they reached a fork in the road that led them to part ways. They said their goodbyes and Walter walked the rest of the way home alone, still singing the song. He crept back into his room and slipped into bed without being heard.

A few days into this the thrill of the quest still lingered in the air. It got Walter and Alden following some of the hunters around whenever they could. During the day these man slept to regain their strengths. By twilight they were up and gathered at the Swan Inn, having dinner or catching up stories about the ferocious wolf. By night they all took their positions ready to capture this beast and display their manhood. The others awaited for them in the tavern and hailed them when they came marching in from their long exploits.