The Legend of Archibal

“I saw smoke coming from the Black Forest. Is she the one that lives there?”

“Well,” Jacobi fumbled with his words. “Of course. How do you know about the witch?”

“A friend of mine told me about the witch,” Walter said.

“Of course you know about the witch,” Jacobi smiled.

“Can I come too, Jacobi?”

“My dear where I am going is no place for a boy,” Jacobi said. “If the Crocotta smelt you it will not hold back. Especially, if nobody knows you are missing.”

Walter felt a bit disappointed and Jacobi must have noticed it. “I tell you what,” Jacobi said. “Next time I come around, you can come with me.”


“Of course, I always keep my promises,” Jacobi smiled at him. He said goodbye to Walter and with five hops he vanished through the rats’ hole. He was tempted to follow but he was afraid to come face to face with the Crocotta again and as Jacobi said would not suppress his urges.