The Legend of Archibal

That night, he eagerly waited for Jacobi. He quickly snuck into the kitchen and found Jacobi enjoying his buttermilk and cakes. “Jacobi,” Walter whispered gleefully.

“Hallo there, young Walter,” Jacobi said. “Waiting for me, are you?”

Walter was mildly embarrassed. “I got you some fresh cakes today.”

“They are very good indeed,” Jacobi said, drinking the rest of the buttermilk. He patted his belly. “Well, it was nice seeing you again, young Walter. I better get going –”

“Wait,” Walter said. “Do you have to leave so soon?”

“Well, I have other business to attend to,” Jacobi said.

“Is it the creature, Jacobi? Other town people have seen it too,” Walter blurted out. “They have seen it stalk their fields and pens at night but it has not killed any of their sheep.”

“So,” Jacobi said, rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger. “He has been stalking their sheep. But none have been killed, is that right?”

“Yes,” Walter nodded. “More than one have seen it. They are afraid of it.”

“Oh, they should be,” Jacobi admonish. “Not taken any of their sheep, I wonder?”

“What does it mean?” Walter wondered.

“I don’t know myself,” Jacobi said. “But I suspect it won’t hold back for much longer. Hunger is a strong craving. I best be going, now.”

“Are you going to the witch?” Walter said.

“The witch? How do you know about the witch,” Jacobi said.