The Legend of Archibal

Jacobi took Walter back home. There was a silence between them, Jacobi obviously had a lot on his mind, while Walter had a lot of questions to ask him.

Walter broke the silence, “I don’t think I know your name. My name is Walter.”

Broken from his thoughts, Jacobi looked up at him pleasantly. “Walter you say. I am Jacobi.”

“Do you live in the Black Forest, Jacobi?”

“Oh, heavens no,” Jacobi said. “I live further than that. I live west from here.”

“You are so far away from home,” Walter was surprised a brownie would travel such distances. “Don’t you have family that misses you?”

“Family is never too far away,” Jacobi said. “We see each other often.”

They were silent once more. They finally reached Walter’s window from where he had snuck out earlier. “Stay inside,” Jacobi said. “The crocotta could be anywhere. They are night creatures.”

“Aren’t you afraid of it,” Walter wanted to know.

“No, I am too fast for it to catch me,” Jacobi beamed. “Now get inside, get inside.” Jacobi ushered Walter inside. Walter pushed open the window and before he climbed inside he turned to Jacobi. “Will I see you again?” Walter said.

Jacobi was surprised by the question then smiled at him. “Of course. Now you know my name. As long as you promise not to catch me?”

“Catch you? I won’t catch you, I promise,” Walter sincerely said.

“Hurry now, no time to waste,” Jacobi shooed Walter inside. Then disappeared into the night.